We are a one stop solution for all your Restaurant setup needs.

Our Services

We are a one stop solution for all your Restaurant setup needs. A Few of our Services include Restaurant Concept,Design,Development,Market Research,Financial Planning, Business Plan,Lease Agreements,Equipment Purchase & Handling,Raw material & Suppliers,Re branding,Logo design,Human Resource Recruitment & Training.

Restaurant Consultancy

We provide Themed & Innovative restaurant concepts, Turnkey projects , Unique food & beverage ideas, Local Eatery set ups, financial Planning Menu designs, restaurant operational needs and other end to end solutions. Our profit driven solutions emphasize more on minimizing the capital and operational expenses, and increasing your ROI. By choosing us, we ensure you Succeed.

Restaurant Setup

Setting up a new business from scratch, needs a lot of Market Research. You need to be well aware of all the core areas of your new venture. We are here to accompany you with all the phases of Restaurant Concept Development.

Cafe – Bistro - Dark Kitchen

Local eateries are much in demand for informal get together. We have an expert team to guide you through the operational process, equipment, ambiance setup, menu making etc for all your different business needs.

Bakery Setup & Softy & Ice Cream Parlours

Our experts can help you setup a formal business plan, along with market research for your business, lease/rental agreements, Financial Projections, SWOT analysis, equipment, raw materials, suppliers and more.

Recreate & ReBrand Existing Restaurants

With the changing mindset of people in food preferences and current trends in the market, it is necessary to rebrand your restaurants to stay ahead of the competitors. With our successfully driven Rebranding Strategies, we make sure it doesn't impact your loyal customers and keep you ahead in the competition.

Food Court Units & Restaurants in mall

Your Sales could step up with the right choice of the location too. As per Retail Association of India, Food Courts & Restaurants in Mall drive 60% more customers, as most of the mall visitors look for food options whenever they tend to spend more time at mall. We help you to choose the right location to boost up your sales.

Concepts, Design & Development

We guide you through all phases of Restaurant concept development which involves Restaurant Concept, Current Food trends analysis, Competitor analysis, Location analysis, Financial Analysis, Business Plans, Permits & Licenses, Equipment & Suppliers, Restaurant & Kitchen Layout Design, Menu Design, staff hiring & Training, Marketing & Execution.

Logo & Branding

Logo represents the face of your business, it's a part of your company's brand. We communicate your vision & mission through our Unique Logo designs which can be eye catchy and can make a strong first impression in customer's mind.

Digital Marketing

Restaurants with great food and ambiance are always a top priority for the customers. It is most searched in the internet, to choose where to eat. Our digital strategies are defined to attract new customers, Build loyal customers, Increasing brand awareness, building your reputation through various channels, which helps to boost your online growth.

Human Resource & Training

A Standard business complies unique Principles, Policies and Procedures. Trained employees can sell well, increase overall efficiency and provide better dining experience for your customers. We ensure you an effective recruitment & training process for all your business needs. Don't think of what costs you to train your employees in customer service, think what it costs NOT to train them. – Shep Hyken.